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Do not allow somebody else select your attitude that’s best for you, you must stand and take control of your own attitude. Another saying, positive attitude may not provide you success. however, it is sufficient to annoy others. It is not always simple to keep up a positive attitude when you’re dating.

You have the ability to appear in life as just you. Life is full of surprises, and that means you might as well get accustomed to it. It can be tough at times. It’s about making the very best of your life wherever you’re in life.

If you’re unclear about what attitudes you adhere to, you are going to have a tough time evaluation which ones aren’t serving your highest good. However bad things are, nobody can force you to have a lousy attitude in case you don’t wish to. A terrible attitude is similar to a flat tire. It is like a flat tyre. People with a poor attitude infect an otherwise positive team atmosphere.

Attitude is similar to posing for pictures. Your attitude is the sole thing that stays with you forever. Possessing the proper attitude towards different life aspects is important for everybody.

When our attitude becomes right, our world becomes right. It is a little thing that makes a big difference. Walk into any little store and within only two or three seconds of observation it’s possible to tell what the overall attitude of the employees are.


Hey You
Stop Wondering if they
like you or not and start
wondering if you like
them or not


if you dislike me,
dislike me alone
don’t recruit
others to join


In your life, never Follow
someone or something
BLINDLY, not even your idols


Donen’t matter who the hell you
are, if you are in my life for love
and romantic bullshit,
get out

quotes on positive attitude

be a man who proves
“not all men are same”


iam happy, not
because i have a source of
but because i am tho source of happiness


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latest quotes on attitude



Never let other people
control your emotions. be
the boss of your own life


Love people
respect people
But never compromise
with your self respect

quotes on attitude and love

Yes, the one who cares a lot gets
hurt. BUT the question is, why the
hell do you care then? can’r you LOVE
YOURSELF more than anybody and
everybody else?


Listen carefully to how a person
speaks about OTHER PEOPLE to
you. This is how THEY will speak
about YOU to other people


You’re a loin which is
abandoned in a city

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Somethimes, you’ll feel like
you can’t win. At that time,
just be TOUGH to defeat


Being rude to people without any
reason has NOTHING to do with
ATTITUDE. it’s Called being
MANNERLESS, not being attitudinal

positive thoughts

i am who Iam. Your
Approval is Not Needed


bon’t take my tolerance for granted
once the BEAST inside Me starts
Moving, you Won’t be able to STOP it


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