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Baal Veer,[1][2] is a children’s Indian fantasy television series that broadcast on SAB TV from 8 October 2012 to 4 November 2016 and aired 1111 episodes.[3][4][5] The second season, titled Baalveer Returns premiered on 10 September 2019.[6]

baal veer episode

Season 1

The story revolves around a boy Baal veer, who is blessed with the powers of 7 fairies namely (Gaal Pari, Vijhdar Pari, Baal Pari, Atkaati Pari, Aarpar Pari, Bhatkati Pari and Natkhat Pari) and Rani Pari to fight with evil fairy Bhayankar Pari who wants to become Rani pari and to take revenge from Maa Pari, who gave pari lok’s throne to Bahuroopi Pari instead of her. Baalveer is sent to Earth to help children and to save Earth from Bhayankar Pari’s evil eye. Baalveer stays with Dagli family on Earth who is known to be family who will never lie with 7 family members including Manav and Meher who were also given powers later on by Rani

Season 2

Timnasa, an evil enchantress and the queen of Kaal Lok has her eyes on Baal Veer to kill him. Meanwhile, Pari Lok is destroyed and only some fairies (the Pari’s) remain. After sensing the threat of Kaal Lok, the fairies retreat to Veer Lok, whose king is a white lion, Shaurya.

On Kaal Lok, Bhaymaar, a general, yearns to usurp the throne but he and Timnasa unite to kill Baal Veer. Baal Veer now has a mission in hand to find a new, younger Baal Veer, who is on Earth. It is revealed to be a seemingly 9-year old boy named Vivaan. He doesn’t believe in Baal Veer. However, Baal Veer still struggles to find his successor and to save him from the evil hands of the people of Kaal Lok. Baal veer successfully find his successor whereas timnasha turns Baal pari as evil kaal pari.

baal veer video

Weekly Reliv – Baalveer

Baalveer | Meher Gets Abducted | Children’s Day Special


Baal Veer – बालवीर – Episode 787 – The Pari(s) Punish Baalveer


baal veer 2

Baalveer 2 episode 1 2019

Baal Veer Photos

Baal Veer Photos

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